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July 16, 2012

Submissional Parenting: God’s Great Gift

I’ve always felt pressure as a dad. Phrases reverberate in my mind: “spiritual leader of the home,” “model of manhood for my son,” “…as Christ loved the church…”. Some of them are helpful, some harmful – others just stress me out. Part of the marriage preparation I learned at Life on the Vine (and that […]


August 9, 2011

“Leadership” in the Local Church: The Heart of Authority

Last month I wrote this piece for Out of Ur. It received some good conversation and wanted to post it up here in case you missed it. This metaphor – pastoral authority (i.e. “leadership) is that of a heart (not head, not mechanic) is key to this idea of a “submissional life”. Thinking about writing […]


May 16, 2011

Spiritual Formation Axiom #2 – All of Life is Spiritual Formation

All of Life is Spiritual Formation 1. It’s all part of it. Since God is always at work (see Spiritual Formation Axiom #1), it follows that spiritual formation is always happening – we are always being formed and shaped (heart, mind, soul, and body) spiritually. There aren’t spiritual and unspiritual activities and relationships. Everything matters […]