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Making Disciples: What’s a Church to do?

As the Spiritual Formation Pastor at River Valley Church I spend my time thinking, planning, praying, and shepherding towards the goal of Christlikeness in our congregation. It’s my ‘job’ but it’s more than that; I’m thoroughly convinced that if we don’t succeed in making disciples who make disciples in the local church we don’t really have a church – we have a well-meaning, but misguided, colossal waste of time.


Is your church making disciples? 

How would you know? How do you evaluate, measure, celebrate this process? 

If someone asked you what your plan was to be discipled and make disciples in your own life what would you say? 

What are you doing as a church that specifically focuses on this calling? 

What are you doing as a church that hinders or interferes with this calling?


One of my good friends, Bryan Marvel, is a pastor at Dunwoody Community Church in Atlanta, GA and they are asking exactly these kinds of questions. And January 25-27th I have the pleasure to spend some time with him and some passionate people of this church to have a focused conversation around the reality of making disciples. Do I recognize God’s presence and activity in my life? How do I learn to welcome God’s voice and respond to him? Am I the only one who cares about growing and maturing in the faith – or does God really care about that too? 🙂 It’s going to be a fantastic weekend meeting new friends and drawing strength and encouragement from old ones. I hope during our time together we can gain a vision for what discipleship looks like in our everyday lives – not a high-minded theological ideal that we must attain, but a simple, reproducible, ordinary way of being with Jesus in our own world. The kind of understanding that can scandalize our lives, our families, and our neighborhoods with God’s love in Jesus.


Praying even now that the Holy Spirit would work and move among us. And prepare our hearts now for what he has to show us, teach us, do in us to make us more like Jesus. For spiritual formation geeks like me, it doesn’t get any better than this!

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