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“Multiplying Missional Leaders” by Mike Breen – Prophetic, Engaging, and Practical


Having read “Building a Discipling Culture” I highly anticipated diving into 3dm’s latest offering: “Multiplying Missional Leaders.” I’ve read more than an handful of leadership books by secular and religious ‘gurus’ and I must say this is the most theological sound, anthropologically robust, and, frankly, ‘do-able’ book on leadership I’ve ever read. From start to finish Mike Breen and his 3dm staff bring years of on the ground real-life practice to the quandary of how do we equip and multiply leaders who live lives on mission with God and others in the local church?

Breen begins by helping us see the difference between leaders and managers. Managers, he says, are those who’ve learned to lead in the business world. Because most pastors are overwhelmed and stretched in their day-to-day responsibilities it is often far too convenient to simply ‘drag and drop’ business or civic managers into church leadership positions. Or – if business leaders are in short supply to simply look for enthusiasm and a willingness to work and give those people a ‘job’ in keeping programs or fill slots in church life. But Breen brings us back to the core responsibility of the Christian leader: to make disciples who make disciples. And he doesn’t just tell us to do it, but he describes and fills out the imagination on how to do it from scripture, observations in culture, and his own experience. This is a manual for leading and living; an urgent call to value character over talent, calling over charisma, and wisdom-producing failure over playing it safe.

Are you struggling with finding the right ‘program’ for discipleship in your church? Tired of doing all the work alone? Wanting a mentor whose life and experience you can learn from as you find your bearings in your context? This is a great place to start. I strongly recommend reading this book in tandem with “Building a Discipling Culture” as field guides for weary disciplemakers.


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