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Prayer of Consecration for Mission

Lord – Thank you that you are already active in the lives of all whom I shall meet today. You desire that every human being hear and respond to your good news. Help me to discern the right time to speak about you. Grow within me your gifts of insight and wisdom that I may possess your sense of timing in all that I do and say.

– Trevor Hudson

This prayer sits on my dashboard in my car. It’s an expansion of the Lord’s Prayer: “thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” I pray it as I drive to wherever I’m going as an act of consecration (‘offering my body as a living sacrifice’). When I submit to it well is serves as a part of my training to see all of life as spiritual formation; to expect that God is active and present wherever I’m going, not only in me but in the lives of people I meet. As I pray I find a spaciousness opens in me – a welcoming hospitality to God’s will that I can’t manufacture or produce apart from his abiding grace. I find that I benefit greatly from turning myself over to God’s mission multiple times a day.

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