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Prayer of Dedication and Submission

O God of such truth as sweeps away all lies,

of such grace as shrivels all excuses,

come now to find us

for we have lost our selvess

in a shuffle of disguises

and the rattle of empty words.

Let your Spirit move mercifully

to recreate us from

the chaos of our lives.

We have been careless

of our days,

our loves,

our gifts,

our chances…

Our prayer is to change, O God,

not out of despair of self

but for love of you,

and for the selves we long to become

before we simply waste away.


Let your mercy move in and through us now…


– Ted Loder

Take a moment with me to pray this prayer – for your ministry, your family, your neighborhood. I love this prayer for 3 reasons:

1. It acknowledges the falsity we usually muddle and muck around in. In a confession of pretense and false piety this prayer locates us in our lives so that we can be present to God and ourselves.

2. We are led in this prayer to surrender from first to last. Even the petition elements are “take control, God – be God here and now with me”.

3. There is a redemptive vision for how we grow and change as Christians – not ‘despair of self, but for love of you’ and the life we long to have in Christ. There is a renunciation of trying and straining (through effort in prayer) to change and be earnest…and a simple expression of trust in the love of God and a his mercy.

Simply, I cannot pray this prayer as a mechanism to consolidate the kingdom of me. It subverts my self-absorbed religion. It trains me to trust in God’s love and mercy. I need more prayers like this.

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