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Bible Study and the Church – a preliminary disclaimer

I absolutely, positively, 100% fully and wholly believe in the importance of cognitively knowing the Bible cover to cover. The stories (and Story), the characters, the plots (and Plot), the climaxes (and climax). Books like this and this and this and even this have been incredibly formative and helpful for me to fill out this cognitive knowledge.

I own dozens of Bibles.

I read one (or more) of them every day.

I will always study my Bible.

I have benefitted greatly from traditional methods of Bible study and inquiry (exegesis, language study, grammar, historical studies, etc.)

I will always encourage, support, exhort, challenge, preach, and train others to study their Bible.

So – all critiques and questions come from one who wants to hold onto and redeem the practice of Bible study in the Church.

But I’m also convinced that the way (i.e. the manner, posture, and assumptions we employ) we study the Bible…in other words how we study our Bibles…must change or the Church will continue to be theologically adrift and lacking in true biblical knowledge.

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